Lighten the Load with Winter Cleaning

We all know about the term “Spring Cleaning”, but why not lighten the load a bit and start early during this winter? It’s been a wild month with Philadelphia winning the Super Bowl and the celebrations haven’t slowed down much. Here are some tips on keeping your home clean as well as your office during the Winter months.

For those of you staying in South Jersey, we can imagine you are still celebrating that big win for the Eagles. You may have thrown a Super Bowl party at your home or even a commercial business. There are some things you can do to successfully clean up after the party. With all of the leftovers, you should have specific containers ready to go so guests can take home food instead of throwing it away for no one to enjoy. Most importantly, you should recycle. We can bet that you have more plastic cups and empty beer bottles than leftover food from all the festivities. Simply move all the recyclable items into one corner of the room or office, that way you can bag up quicker and help the environment too.

It’s important to wash windows after intense weather conditions like storms. Windows that are dirty are obvious and reduce the amount of sunlight that can shine through. Natural light not only boosts productivity but also brings positive energy to any room. It’s important that your windows are clean enough to allow natural light come through. During the dark and gloomy days, that small bit of sunlight shining through the window will make all the difference.

Another big tip when keeping an office or home clean during winter is disinfecting everything. People tend to get sick with a cold or flu during this season, more often because of the cold weather. Let’s not forget about all of those germs floating around indoors and all over the furniture. If you’re cleaning up your office, make sure to thoroughly clean all office equipment like phones, keyboards, countertops, doorknobs, and public areas where viruses are most common. GC Cleaning uses 100% Green Clean products that include no chemicals.

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