Why You Should Clean Carpets Even In The Winter At Your Office

You may think that cleaning in your office building can be postponed through the winter months until the spring sets in. It seems that allergens are lessened, so why would we need to dust and deep clean often through the winter? This thought process is wrong. Read on to find out why a deep clean, especially for your carpet is necessary for the winter.

For Your Employees’ Health

During the winter, we’re much more likely to spend more time indoors. Carpets can easily harbor allergens and pollutants. These factors make the indoor air quality much less desirable.

The Longer You Wait Between Cleanings, The Harder The Carpet Will Be To Clean

The more dirt buildup you get anywhere, the harder it is to clean. Stains that haven’t been addressed for quite some time may never be able to come out of the carpet if you wait too long between a deep cleaning. In the long term, neglecting the rug is truly only causing irreversible damage to the carpet, leading to the need for a replacement. That’s just not good for your business budget.

Winter Is A Prime Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Most people look to have their carpets cleaned in the spring and summer months. If you go to book a rug cleaning in the winter, you’ll get a much more flexible cleaning appointment time. It’s also a better time of year for carpets to dry because the humidity is low so that the drying time will be faster.

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment to get your office’s carpet cleaned by GC Cleaning today. Don’t let the winter go by with a dirty office carpet. Do your employees and your business a service and get the rugs in your building professionally cleaned.


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